Context matters.

As social feeds and streams are occupying our attention, we become increasingly distanced from our physical surroundings. Recho combines online listening with offline behaviour to create an integrated aural experience quite unlike anything else.

The site-specific dogma benefits the user experience as content automatically contextualizes itself with its surroundings. The possibility to leave digital sounds in physical places simply lets you relate to content in a new way. Within the trend of location-based social media it is exactly the use of sound that makes Recho stand out. In a time where we process vast amounts of visual information, opening our ears may take us to new places.

The story.

Åsmund Sollihøgda

Head of Product
+45 22 77 44 66

Mads Damsbo

Head of Content
+45 61 60 61 64

Behind Recho is designer Åsmund Sollihøgda and transmedia-producer Mads Damsbo,
both based in Copenhagen, Denmark. What inspired us to create Recho is our love of podcasts. One day when discussing our favourite episode, we both remembered exactly where we had been when listening to it. And this sparked the question: What if a story belonged to a place and you would have to be at that exact place to hear it?

In our unsuccessful search of a site-specific storytelling app, we decided to create our own.