Tell stories at places.

With Recho Pro you can distribute your audio at locations in the real world. This is an accessible way to entertain, educate or enlighten your audience by site-specific content. Whether you´re an institution, broadcaster, agency or something else,
Recho enables you to enrich places near and far with your story.

The 1, 2, 3.

Record your audio, edit and export them as mp3 files.

Place the recordings using the pro-interface.

Voila! Anyone with Recho can listen to your recordings.

Distribute from anywhere.

Use the Recho web-interface to distribute recordings by simply placing them on a map. Files can be of any type and duration.

Get started.

  • Distribute on location
  • Desktop Management
  • Limitless Duration
  • Support

  • £ 49 / Month
  • In-App branding
  • Consulting from our team
  • Access user statistics
  • All Plus features

  • £ 490 / Month
  • Custom App in App Store
  • Custom interface
  • All Plus and Pro features
  • Full rights to all content

  • Custom pricing

Selected clients.

  • ...I see a big potential in Recho and would like to explore it further in the future in our gallery.

    Mathilde Marvit, The National Gallery of Denmark

  • We are working closely with Recho and various collaborators to engage audiences on this new platform, and i feel certain that we will produce some fantastic experiences.

    Kåre Vedding Poulsen, Danish Broadcasting Corporation

  • Fusing the audio consumption with the location centric model provides a number of opportunities that can empower the users to experience music with context and depth not available before.

    Ervin Draganovich, WIMP

Some ideas.


Rethink the audio-guide.

With Recho you can build sound journeys for your guests and let them contribute to the dialogue with their own recordings.


Encourage active listening.

Find new, engaging ways of teaching that go beyond the classroom. Facilitate a modern platform where students can interact ideas and learn from each other.


Make your event last forever.

Usually all you’re left with after a festival or big event is memories. But imagine you could go back to the place where they happened and experience them again and again?


Be the perfect city guide.

Offer an around-the-clock guided tour, featuring not only speech, but also ambience and music. The visitors can follow the tour at their own pace and take detours.

Selected cases.

DR 1864

1864 is the The National Broadcaster of Denmark’s most ambitious TV production to date. The story revolves around the German invasion of the south border of Denmark. If you visit the former border today, you will hear dialogues of the soldiers and the firing of cannons - as if it was back then.

The Meatpacking District

Copenhagen’s meatpacking district is a vivid hub with butchers, creatives and restaurateurs working side by side during the day and a bright nightlife in the weekend. More than 50 stories has been produced by a team of professionals and saved on location forever, forming a virtual sound museum of the ever evolving neighborhood.

treasure hunt

The city of Copenhagen are hosting three treasure hunts that take you all over the city. The poetic clues guide you down well-known roads and secret gardens. Being a virtual experience, the guide is still out there, so go ahead if you’re interested!

Roskilde Festival

Northern Europe's largest music festival hosts around 100k guests annually. This year more than 1000 of those saved recordings on the grassy fields. Today you can listen to acoustic performances, interviews, opinions and even a wedding, right where it happened. Just as if the festival never stopped.

We are currently working on a series of great projects, worldwide. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you're interested in trying the platform or talk about how you could use Recho.

Åsmund Sollihøgda, Recho